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Washing and Softening Agents

Baby White

Bleaching agent for whitening white plumage and fur.
Cleanly peel off the bled and discolored bellows, degrease and wash in cold water with Supralan UF or Foryl LHC.

After degreasing and washing, the skins comes into a solution with baby white and is stored in it for about 12 hours (overnight) in the refrigerator.

Example for Central European Ptarmigan:
1 liter of water
60g salt (IMPORTANT: no salt with additions of iodine or similar products)
10 - 15 g baby white
Stir everything and put the bellows in the milky solution. The liquor ratio should be short, but the bellows must be completely covered.

After thorough rinsing, the bellows can be further processed (e.g. tanning).

Iodine-containing salt leads to strong yellow discoloration. However, this effect can be reversed with a new bath preparation with salt without additives. Application can be repeated several times.

Ideal for bled ptarmigan or other white birds. Dark feather areas will not lighten, even with prolonged applications. Does not work on discolored stoats. One can of baby white is enough for about 6-10 ptarmigan or about 2 mute swans.

Baby White

Heavily bled ptarmigan, before stripping, after washing and after washing with baby white.

H318 Causes serious eye damage.
Baby White 100g container


Baby White 100g container

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