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Taxidermy Literature (div Authors)

Eye Catalog of the Mammals of Europe (German/English)

The author and taxidermist Peter Mildner presents with the catalog for the first time a complete overview with information on sizes, shapes and colors of the eyes of all land mammals of Europe.
Peter Mildner, working as a zoological taxidermist since 1978, was also concerned from the beginning with the eyes of animals and early established a collection with original eyes of many mammal and bird species, which is still expanding today.

The catalog gives a brief introduction to the common art eye types, as well as basic instructions for inserting the eyes in a preparation.

The mammals are divided according to taxonomic nomenclature in orders, families, genera and species. The genera are preceded in each case by a graphic overview of the typical appearance of the eyeball, pupil shape, iris pattern in the natural eye and the resulting recommended (glass) eye type. The color relevant eyes of corresponding species are illustrated on two (or four) color plates in original size.
At the end there is an index / directory of species in the languages German, English, French and the scientific name in alphabetical order.
The entire catalog is bilingual in German and English.
Format 17 x 24 cm, 66 pages

Eye Catalog of the Mammals of Europe (German/English)

Title page

Representation in the catalog

Detail from color chart

Eye Catalog of the Mammals of Europe (German/English) from P. Mildner


Eye Catalog of the Mammals of Europe (German/English) from P. Mildner

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