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Eyes of the Birds of Europe (German/English)

The author and taxidermist Peter Mildner presents with the catalog a complete overview with information on sizes, shapes and colors of the eyes of the birds of Europe.
Peter Mildner, since 1978 working as a zoological taxidermist, was since the beginning also engaged in the eyes of animals and early established a collection with original eyes of many mammal and bird species, which is still expanding today.

The catalog gives an introduction to the common art eye types and notes on measuring the eyes.

The eyes are divided according to taxonomic nomenclature in orders, families, genera and species. For each bird species the size is given and the eye is illustrated in color. For many bird species is also additionally a picture in color, on which also details such as eyelid, positioning and orientation of the eye can be seen.
At the end is an index / directory of species in the languages German, English, and the scientific name in alphabetical order.

This book is enormously valuable for every taxidermist, because in this detail has never been a book on the subject of bird eyes on the market.
Format 17 x 24 cm, 134 pages.

Eyes of the Birds of Europe (German/English)

Title page.

Representation in the catalog.

Eyes of the Birds of Europe (German/English) from P. Mildner


Eyes of the Birds of Europe (German/English) from P. Mildner

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