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Habitat Construction

Artificial stone

Stone cast, blank, must still be colored yourself. Dimensions approx. 115 x 50 x 50 cm (LxWxH).Underside ground straight.
Deceptively real cast stone. Ideal for whole ibex, e.g. (perfect fit e.g. G-AST7-R and other larger mammals.

The company kultStone is new to the market and offers casts of stones and rocks. The stones have a surface that can be colored very well, for example, with a sponge. The stones themselves are made of a very hard PU foam.

Once you are satisfied with the basic color of the stone, the first step is to use white or a very light gray and a sponge to lighten the raised areas of the stone. Allow to dry thoroughly before continuing. The second step is to spray the stone with highly diluted black paint, which darkens the indentations in the stone. See our color sets and the instructions as a PDF in the habitat boxes.
If you want a different base color for the stone (e.g. yellowish, reddish or greenish), prime the stone with diluted acrylic paint. Then proceed as described above, i.e. lighten the raised areas (use yellow for reddish stones) and then spray again with heavily thinned black to darken the depressions.
Of course, you can also add lichen and moss or plants growing out of cracks. If a winter situation is to be depicted, we have artificial snow and icicles.

Videos on how to process and color the stones can be found here:
Constructing stones: Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
Seaming of the gaps: Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
Painting: Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster

Artificial stone

Mounted by Sandro Mark, Austria.

Artificial stone POAU


Artificial stone POAU

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