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Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy Training Book

Beginner Taxidermy Small Mammal – How to Prepare and Mount a Squirrel in Three Days including the Construction of a Manikin. Very detailed book in English, not only interesting for beginners. The more than 700 pictures make it understandable even with little knowledge of English.
The easy to follow text is illustrated with over 700 colour photographs and diagrams. With a friendly but expert approach, Mike shows you how to skin the carcass, prepare the skin, construct a manikin, then mount the specimen to a standard that any budding taxidermist would be proud of.

This unique and groundbreaking book proves that you don’t need advanced scientific knowledge or a workshop full of specialist equipment in order to succeed. Clearly presented in a logical, informative but informal manner, it shows you how you can achieve a good quality result with your first attempt.

Mike teaches you to observe and study the specimen and he helps you to master the essential skills. Having witnessed all the problems that students are likely to encounter, Mike is well qualified to guide you around the pitfalls! He shows you the best tools for the job and describes how to make many of them yourself.

If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be surprised at how little equipment you need and how much you can achieve with just a basic appreciation of anatomy and a willingness to learn. Taking a straightforward and practical approach, Mike aims to de-mystify and inspire, giving newcomers the skills and confidence needed to make their first steps in this fascinating field.

Paperback: 170 pages, 23 x 2.4 x 29.7 cm
Images: over 700
Year of publication: 2012

Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy Training Book

Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy Training Book


Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy Training Book

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