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Feces Models

Common Wombat

Vombatus ursinus
Replica feces, (original cast).
There are a number of theories as to why wombats' droppings are cube-shaped. A fairly common assumption is that the wombats pile the dung cubes on top of each other to mark their territory so that they cannot roll away.
Scientists assume that the cube shape has more to do with the nature of the intestines and the innards. In the water-poor environment in which wombats live, they really do have to extract every last drop of liquid from their food. This theory is supported by the fact that the feces of captive animals, which have easier access to water, are less cubic in shape. When the feces are drier, they more easily take on compact shapes with straighter edges.

The model is mounted in a plastic box 155 x 138 x 59 mm on a gray base plate.

Common Wombat

If the model is ordered without a plastic box, it will also be delivered without the gray base plate. In this case, the delivery is made in a plastic bag. Other variants on request.
Common Wombat , replica feces


Common Wombat , replica feces

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